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SIEM Monitoring

Security information and event management (SIEM). Near real-time analysis of security alerts generated by monitoring your logs.

Vulnerability Assessments

internal and external Vulnerability scanning to allow remediation and security prioritization.

Compliance & Security Risk Assessment

US regulators require organizational risk management and set requirements for periodic risk assessments.

Perimeter Defense

Stop cyber threat actors and insider threats at the door with customization firewall, network intrusion detection, and web content filter.

Who We Serve

Security for the Small Office

Having as many as 2 to 20 staff and focusing on success while growing can leave gaps in security coverage. We can provide full coverage until your ready to hire or we can be there for you indefinitely.

Security for the Medium Business

With upwards of 500 employees, its possible that you have the break/fix and general patching realms covered/ We provide specialized security people to work with your staff to keep you secured.

Product Cards

Host Intrusion Monitoring

Our host intrusion detection solution provides threat detection, integrity monitoring for most of you assets and critical systems.

HIDS works for everyone concerned about what changes are made to the servers and workstations in their environment.

HIDS audits changes to system files, detects intrusions, and software misuse. It also alerts on vulnerable applications.

The primary task for a HIDS agent is to monitor for suspicious activity. You will need HIPS applications such as antivirus and antimalware applications to protect against threats. Since HIPS applications are signature based, meaning they can only detect know threats, HIDS is needed to detect behavior of brand new threats.

One example is malware and rootkits can hide themselves from human detection while causing unmeasureable amounts of damage.  Another is insider threats can steal data or modify files to hide their tracks - HIDS is the solution against attacks on hosts. 

A small lightweight agent is installed on  RedHat, Dabian, Windows, and MAC workstations and servers. Then the agent is configured to alert on changes to critical areas of a computing system.


Sever and Workstation Monitoring

Automated metric collection of regular and critical assets is key to maintaining a healthy infrastructure. By monitoring networks, servers, applications, services, databases, and more we can provide advanced problem detection. 

Vulnerability Assessment

We provide a comprehensive scanning solution allowing us to discover unknown devices lurking on your network while alerting on vulnerabilities from internal and public facing networked devices. This allows you to run a  healthy versatile vulnerability management program. 

Log Analysis

After logs are collected from various sources. Analysts review the data in order to find the technical root cause or threat.

We rely on human expertise and knowledge to find the most relevant log entries to analyse, process, and report on suspicious activity.

Frequently asked questions

Most frequent questions and answers

What kind of service do I need?

We can offer SIEM deployment and management, web content filtering, training, etc.

How will Centux handle deployment? And how will my enterprise prepare for it?

There are a few variations of our service offering. We can host all our services from the cloud, a combination of cloud and onsite, or completely on your premises.

How do I utilize my current staff?

Our major benefit to your organization is that we are equipped to either be your total solution or fill a gap.

What is your shift rotation pattern? Do you provide 24/7 service.

Most large business enterprise focused MSSPs provide 24/7 coverage and maintain large a large FTE workforce or heavily rotating contractor force. Since our focus is small and medium business, we scale to meet your needs providing coverage when you need it most. 

What is the benefit to using open source tools?

Open source tools provide flexibility and customization usually not found in closed source applications. Using Open source tools also allows us to keep overhead cost down making services more affordable for small business. We always verify an open source tool is comparable in value and capability to mainstream alternatives.

Which type of data do you need from my organization?

We provide you a reference document that tells you how to configure your workstations and servers to talk to our SIEM allowing us to provide a more beneficial and affordable solution.

Can you provide a tailored service?

If you network is unique or you only need a small portion of our service, then we can provide a custom solution for you.

If we run a pentest or red team exercise and you do not detect it, is there a discount?

We welcome any security enhancing solutions you can afford to implement. With that said, most red team exercises begin with certain knowledge and advantages that allows them to enter and move around networks undetected. However, we are all about security, so if you schedule regular red team exercises we will provide you with a recurring discount.