Centux | Managed Security Services
Your Cyber Security Provider

Centux delivers Cyber Security Defense for networks, applications, and systems securing Your Valuable Client Information and Data

Our Solutions

Predicable Monthly Costs

Offering the highest quality solutions with no hidden cost or unexpected upgrades or changes.

Future Proof Solutions

Using the best technologies and equipment to deliver services now and in the future.

Cyber Security Consulting

Gain access to staff with specialized skills when you need them instead of paying for headcount when you don't.

Disaster Recovery and Continuity

Gain confidence since your data will be safe and you will continue to operate if your systems are lost.

Resilient Secure Infrastructure

Designing plans to make sure your network is resilient to natural disaster and cyber attacks.


Have insight into our operations with an executive dashboard showing information related to our work and your risk.

Centux offers remote monitoring, administration, and vulnerability scanning to individuals, SOHO, and small and medium businesses to reduce costs and increase security in your desktop and server environment.

Your Benifits

Improved Security

What you don't see can harm you! We take the complexity out of cyber-security giving you a protected infrastructure.

Increased Production

Outsourcing security services takes the burden off your local staff allowing more focus on operations and profitability.

Lower Risk

Notifications and assessments will highlight security concerns that will spur mitigation and remediation actions.

Managed Endpoint Protection

Agent watchdogs guarding the critical parts of your servers and workstations with ability to alert on intruders or suspicious activity.

Professional Security Monitoring

Collection of logs from endpoints and network devices to advise of compliance standards along while monitoring for security events and alerts.

Advanced Threat Detection

Proactively detect threats to your organization by understating your organization and accurately assessing your risk and attack surface.

Perimeter Defense

Cloud or on-premise deployed firewall, web-content filter, and network intrusion detection to protect your assets at the boarder.

Ready to Get Started?

We offer expertise and security operations services to smaller business without major overhead.